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"Jon and his staff will go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. 5+ stars all day"!-Jeff Parrott
"I owed the DMV a debt but Advance Tax was still able to get me approved for an Advance."-JB Dudley
"I really enjoy this site it's easy to use and very insightful, you can follow all of the prompts and it takes you were you want to go. 
keep up the good job." Theresa King
"Since I was able to file I been coming here and I love the work that you guys do. Everyone is friendly and do whatever they can to help."-Alyssia Jackson

Fast Prefund Tax Advances from $500 if you just need a little or up to $6000 are available even before the IRS begins accepting tax returns in January.  Tax funds can be received fast via Direct Deposit, paper check, or debit card.   With tax refunds being delayed by the IRS until February 15th a fast Prefund Tax Advance is a way to get cash quick via a tax refund loan. In Shreveport, Bossier, and surrounding areas call 636-9751 for more information .  

Returning clients can upload their new tax documents to the client portal and we can begin preparing your tax return before you come into the office.  That's fast.  Also, copies of previous tax returns are available 24 hours a day.  Click on the link below to access the client portal.
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